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Welcome to our story ...

KJ'n Ranch INC - Sheep Mountain Creamery

This is the beginning of the large hoop barn for the milking parlor and creamery  under 1 roof.


After over 10 years of research, visiting several farms and creameries we broke ground. Construction took about 19 months; the majority of the building was performed by the Ashmore clan: Jim, Kim, Cobra & Haiden with help from other family and friends.

Buildings complete

What started as a flattened piece of ground and posts with hoops mounted on them resulted in a beautiful all in one dairy and creamery. The animals have space to be out of weather and we can work with them without weather impacts.

Meat and milk products distributed by KJ'n Ranch INC.

Product Success

In May 2018 we received our certifications and licenses to begin milking our ewes and producing milk and cheese. Our initial products include bottled pasteurized whole sheep milk, several flavors of "Ewe Squeaky Cheese" and a variety of brine and enfused "Bryndza Feta" cheeses. These are categorized as "soft" cheeses which are only a 24 to 48 hour aging. In a couple years we hope to be able to produce hard aged cheeses which require from 6 to 18 months aging in a cool moisture controlled cave. We are very grateful for the support and return of our customers and encourage others to add lamb meat and sheep milk to your long life journey for healthy living; "live long and prosper." Vulcan salute - Spock