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F.A.Q. about KJ'n Ranch and Cheese Curds

Why eat lamb, drink sheep milk or eat sheep cheese?

A healthy choice

How do you manage and take care of your flock?

With due diligence.

Does Sheep milk or cheese smell or taste like the animal?

The short answer is no. And, if you have not tasted our milk, cheese curds, feta cheese, or lamb sausage you will be pleasantly surprised how good they taste. Distribution is available in Helena, East Helena and Great Falls.

What is "Lamb" meat and what is "Mutton, are they the same?"

There is a difference by definition where "Lamb" is a sheep harvested at or before 12 months old. The "Mutton" is a sheep harvested that is older than one year, usually animals that are culled or removed from the flock. They could be several years old.

Is there a flavor or taste difference between Lamb and Mutton?

A couple factors are involved with this question. Breed type, such as Hair vs Wool breeds, can influence the flavor over time as the sheep age. Hair breeds tend to shed their wool if they have any and do not build up lanolin in their hide. This results in a pleasant mild flavor meat. The wool breeds develop a good amount of lanolin in their wool coats which is believed to permeate into the meat through the hide over time, the older the animal the stronger the pungent influence on the meat.  A second factor is the "Cook," or how the meat is prepared. 

Is your milk pasteurized?

Yes, we are required under State law to pasteurize all milk for human consumption.