Bringing the Ranch to the Table

Sheep Mountain Creamery in Helena, MT

From the ranch to your table, we ensure our sheep are healthy, disease-free and raised with all-natural feed. Our animals are grass fed as nature intended; they eat no grain products (no GMOs, no antibiotics, no artificial hormones, no steroids, not fed animal by-products) and receive all-natural protein, vitamin, and mineral supplements as needed to ensure strong healthy bodies for breeding, birthing and safe nutritious products to your table.

Our Story


Construction Begins

After over 10 years of research, visiting several farms and creameries we broke ground. Construction took about 19 months; the majority of the building was performed by the Ashmore Clan – Jim, Kim, Cobra & Haiden – with help from other family and friends.


Construction Completed

We now have a fully operational sheep creamery, producing pasteurized milk for human consumption and a variety of cheeses. We also continue to have our lamb meats and sausages.



In May 2018, we received our certifications and licenses to begin milking our ewes and producing cheese, several flavors of “Ewe Squeaky Cheese and a verity of Bryndza (Feta cheese). These are categorized as “soft” cheeses which are only a 24-to-48-hour aging cheese. We do make some aged cheese and hope to make more very soon. As we have grown, we have consigned our sheep to another dairy, so they do the milking for us and we have more time to make other cheeses. The milk is frozen when we bring it down and process for milk and cheese (Sheep milk is the only milk that USDA has authorized to be frozen and stored up to 1 year to be processed into product). We then pasteurize the milk to make into cheese or bottle for human consumption. Freezing does not affect the cheese-making or bottling of milk. This allows us to pasteurize milk and make cheese year-round. (This is not possible with cow or goat milk.) In a couple years we hope to be able to produce more hard aged cheese which requires from 6-18 months aging in a cool moisture-controlled cave.

We are incredibly grateful for the support and return of our customers and others to add lamb meat and sheep milk and cheese to your long-life journey for healthy living.

Our Ranch and Creamery is open to the public for reserved tours only. Tours are given March through October. We have Individual, Family and Group Tours. You will enjoy a guided 1 ½ hour tour of the ranch and creamery, including a unique barn set-up, learn about Sheep and the different Sheep breeds we work with. You will learn about Artisan Cheesemaking and the different cheeses that is make at the creamery along with bottled sheep milk. At the end of the tour, you will enjoy sampling some of the cheeses and milk along with the opportunity to purchase the products.

For tour times and pricing details please e-mail us.



Our Hours

Please call for an appointment between
8:00 to 4:00 PM Monday - Saturday

Animal Information

We believe the good health chain begins with the source of our food, in this case the animal for meat and milk products. By not feeding our sheep grain or GMO feed (i.e., rye, corn, sugar beets, silage), our animals are virtually unable to develop the dangerous levels of e-coli in their systems that grain-fed animals experience. Plus, the threat to our sheep of contracting diseases is greatly reduced because they are not fed animal by-products. This helps us provide safe lamb meat to your table.

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